7 SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO is the powerful online marketing tools for a blog or site. Without strong SEO strategy, a blogger or web publisher cannot reach in mass audiences. Therefore, SEO is the essential component of a blog or site. A newbies may not know the hidden ways of the competitive web world. Thus, right SEO ideas assist to reach mass audiences and also assist to make money. Getting tons of traffics to your site will be impossible without the promotion to your site. So that it’s the right time to learn how to promote your site and get lots of audiences to your site. Just think, why people love your blog or site? Because of, appropriate way to promote your sites. Read more »

Content is the king of a blog or site. Without a content blog or site will be meaningless. So that content should be includes in a blog or site. Content should be targeted for specific readers. Age factors, gender factors, education level, culture & tradition, geography, income level, life style of people, etc. directly or indirectly impact on content. Therefore, content should be focus on a specific niche or a category. Read more »

How People are Blogging
I Love Blogging 

Blogging may be your passion, fashion, profession or duty. When I started to blogging more than a half decade ago, there were some thousands bloggers in this blogging earth and they were blogging for their passion as personal diary. However, time has not remained same and blogging trends have completely changed. In earlier blogging time, blogging was defines as a personal diary and web publishers had not interested on blogging. Because of they had thought that blogging was for only personal purposed. Read more »

Why People Love your Blog?

In this competitive blogging earth, there is billions of blogger on the battle ground. In other words, it is a time of blog of war. Although, every blogger have been struggling by showing their sharp sword to opponents. People may not know this virtual war of blog. Some professional bloggers have been taking enormous opportunities from this battlefield. Because of, professional bloggers are very clever to drive traffic to their site. People may visit many sites but they want professional ideas to fulfill their gaps. So that people love these sites, which shows the perfects ideas. Read more »

SEO for Blogger: How to Fight with Your Competitor Blogger?

When I was a child, I used to fight with my friends. At that time I had tried to use my physical forces. But, time has not remained same; when I entered in this blogging earth then I try to use my best SEO ideas to fight my competitor bloggers. We know that everyone want to be first and nobody want to be second. However, it is not possible for everyone to reach at the top list due to certain criteria. We have to meet specific criteria to reach the number one position.  You are fighting with me and I’m fighting with you along others competitors. We have to use six mindset to defeat our every rival in the crow of billions blogs and websites. Read more »

Keyword selection is the most important SEO plan for every bloggers, webmasters, web publishers and SEO-service providers. Right keyword for the right contents and Search Engine friendly keywords assist to get quick search engine ranking. Right keywords are the major component to top ranking the post in Search Engine and drive tons of traffics. You must know the most search words in the internet and what people are searching. Therefore you need to analyze which words you use in your contentsRead more »

SEO Strategy to your site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular ways to reach among billions of prospective audience. In these days, getting traffic has been challenging for small publishers, webmasters and bloggers. New web publishers and bloggers may not know the SEO strategy and they may be unable to drive traffics through referral and other ways. 

PageRank is to get Backlink from a site that already has PageRank. It means that getting lots to link from PageRank 0 sites will not support to increase your website PageRank. But if you get a single  .............. Read More 

 Social Media campaign of Barack Obama in Presidential Election 2012

Social media networks called the presidential election 2012 were in Obama’s favor. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus were the major social media tools to popularized Obama’s  ...............    Read More 

 Social Media Can Boost Your PageRank

In these days social media sites are major sources of unique traffic and high quality backlinks. Social networking and bookmarking sites are the best platform to share everything. Social media is the cheapest promotional tools. I have already joined 100 + social networking and bookmarking ...........Read More 

 Timeline to Quick Boost Up Your PageRank

In 2005, I was studying in BBA 3rd Semester. At that time I was really busy in my study. Unfortunately, I got financial problem then I had gone in job market to search job. However I could not get job for two months.  One day I met my school  ................. Read More 

 List of Directory

With proper website promotion and search engine optimization (SEO) of your webpages and listing in leading search engines and directories; your business will get a major boost. This can be achieved with effective  ………………… Read More 

 100 Most Search Keywords for Make Money Bloggers 

I have done a research that what bloggers are searching for their blog topics. Most of the bloggers are searching money making ............... Read More 

900 Google Adwords Free Promotional codes for 100$

Do not confuse by reading the above headline of this article. I wrote above “900 promotional Adwords free coupons for 100 $ “................... Read More 

440 High PR DoFollow Blog

DoFollow may be explains as links that are not revised with the NoFollow attribute. NoFollow is a hyperlink value that request search engines ............... Read More 

7 Secret Ideas to Promote Your site Free

Dear friends, today I’m going to share about how to get free web traffic to your site. As a webmaster or a blog writer we are well concerned that how important is web traffic. ........................... Read More 

7 Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. It may be your passion, fashion, profession or duty. However, millions of blog have already been monetizing their traffics. When I started blogging for …………… Read More 


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