Education for All: Education for a Common Collective

"Education for a common collectivePedagogies of Sharing and Caring"

Declaring an 'educational arms race' with India and China, President Barack Obama warned his country against 'unilateral disbarment' with budget cuts because 'countries that out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow'. Militaristic jingoism leads to new term such as 'out-think' and 'out-educate', reflecting a crassly competitive com-modification of knowledge. This is contrary to the spirit of trans-formative education, which looks at education to reduce inequalities, to ensure sustainable development and to address social justice for all through collective action. Despite the Jomtien World. Read more »

Earth Body Mind Kiaf 2012

International art festival with the theme "Separating Myth from Reality - Status of Women." Artists from twenty-five countries participated in this two-week exhibition, which was held in six different venues across Kathmandu City. The event was well attended and received extensive coverage locally and internationally. Encouraged by the success of the festival, the Siddhartha Arts Foundation was established in October 2011, as a non-profit organization committed to promoting the contemporary arts in Nepal and establishing Kathmandu as an international contemporary ............................. Read More 

Highest Peak in the world

Nepal occupies the central part of the Himalayan arc (2,400 km), the highest mountain range in the world that lies in south-East-Asia. The Himalaya ‘the Abode of snow’ in Sanskrit, is a vivid record of the most dramatic and visible creations of tectonic forces in modern times. As the strong Indian continental self-sub ducts beneath the relatively weak Tibetan highest peaks in the world. Eight of the fourteen eight thousanders are located in Nepal.

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