Effects of Climate Change in South Asia

The magnitude, extent and consequences of climate change impacts on the ecosystems and economic development sectors at the global level and South Asia in particular. We understand that the cost of climate change to mankind and maintenance of development is clear. It is also clear that people are dying from malnutrition and poverty on the one hand and there is a need for diverting our huge human and economic resources to address the impact of climate change for which developing and least developed countries (LDC) are not responsible. 

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We need to Reduce Disaster Risk

Human societies are always prone to disaster of one kind or another. Yet with planning and co-ordination, they have managed to minimize the impacts. Natural disasters like floods, landslides, earthquakes, Tsunami, typhoons, and forest fires often causes large-scale damage to human lives and property. 

Terminologies Used in Climate Change

Climate Change is a long-term shift in the climate of a specific location, region or planet. The shift is measured by changes in features associated with average weather, such as temperature, wind patterns and precipitation. Climate Change is the biggest emerging environmental challenge to date. 

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Environmental Sustainability is Our Responsibility

Automobile played an incredible role in the human civilization giving new dimension to growth and development of the entire mankind. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without these rolling machines. Automobile and transportation infrastructure play a pivotal role in the national and global development. But, we all are very much aware or at least we tend to be aware of the fact that despite having multi-facet advantage of using automobiles, there are heaps of problems when it comes to environmental concerns. Read more »

Climate Change Knowledge for Action

Executive Summary: An opportunity for the World

Climate is a critical factor in the lives and livelihoods of all people and in development as a whole. This report proposes how a global system for the provision of climate services1 can be set up over the next few years that will save lives and protect the jobs and homes of vulnerable people.

Ecological Safety and Elderly Health

The long journey of human civilization has given us many lessons for creating valance between nature and human life; many philosophers have shown us the way to happy living; but we humans have failed to cherish their ancient wisdom and doctrines and have gradually become staves of money and machines, believing that these two things are the only means to a happy life. Read more »

Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture
The effects of climate change on agriculture are being witnessed all over the world. Small and marginalize farmers with poor coping mechanisms are more vulnerable in view of their dependence on agriculture and excessive pressure on natural resources. In the recent years, there has been significant rise in the frequency of extreme weather events affecting form level productivity and impacting availability of staple food grains since climate change poses complex challenges like multiple a bio-tic stresses on cops and livestock, shortage of water land degradation and loss of biodiversity, focused and long termed research is required to find solutions to the problems. Read more »

Address the Climate Change Impacts

Climate change is a burning issue and has deservedly been the focus of Global attention as is poses major challenges. Although massive emission of carbon dioxide has created climate change problems; while on other hand deforestation has increased. The pace of afforestation has not kept up.  We should launch large scale plantation campaigns to minimize the effects of climate change and benefits from such initiative. If every household and office planted one tree, the benefits could increase immensely. Likewise, there is need to emphasize roadside plantation as a policy. If we could translation national and international policy into action, it would not only beautify cities but also produce the required oxygen for healthy life. Read more »

The Effects of Climate Change in Mountains

Mountains cover 24% of the Earth’s land surface and host about 13% of the world populations. Mountains are the providers of essential ecosystem services and play the role of water towers to billions of people living in downstream slopes, valley and plain-directly and indirectly. As a source of water flows and river systems, the world’s mountain water-sheds support livelihoods and food security for almost half of the population of them majority of people living in the mountain areas are poor, indigenous and marginalized groups who live in an increasingly  fragile environment, thus making them physically and Socio-economically vulnerable. Read more »

The negotiators in Doha Climate Conference failed to deliver on the expectations of the most vulnerable communities across the globe. Representatives from almost 200 countries deliberated on how to curb carbon emission, providing finance for developing countries and set a mechanism to compensate developing countries to deal with 'loss and damage' due to climate change. But the two weeks long conference ended without any concrete decisions on any of the issues above and came up with a weak agreement to continue dialogue in the days to come. Read more »

Climate Change
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