October 28, 2012

Dear friends, today I’m going to share about how to get free web traffic to your site. As a webmaster or a blog writer we are well concerned that how important is web traffic. We know that without promotion of our site we cannot get web traffic. Therefore we have to take some secret ideas to promote our sites and get lots of traffics from them. In this competitive SEO marketing, it’s really hard to compete with other site. Therefore, we have to build our site search engine friendly. Google, Yahoo!  And other almost search engines always love SEO friendly websites. Thus, we should take care on specific high quality content writing , valuable keywords, specific website title, backlink, url & directories submission, article submission, press releases and leave good comments others sites.
Google is the most popular search engine and it cover the almost search engine market and billions of queries solves in a singles day. Every webmaster, blog writers and SEO consultant have been fighting to boost up Google PageRank. Because if your site has boost up the high PageRank, then all other search engines automatically boost up your sites index ranking.  How much can you boost up your web PageRank? It is always on your fist.  If you write quality content, selective keywords and specific description of your site then, half of your problem will solve. Don’t worry and be patient with active participation on website promotion campaign. Take some tricks to get free web traffic on your site. I have done some good experiment on web promotion campaign; therefore I would like to share honestly. These valuable tricks can be solving your web traffic problems. Please follow some instruction step by step and don’t hurry to get tons of traffic overnight. It is the regular process and you have to work regularly with specific vision, mission and strategy.

 1.     Submit your blog or url

After creating your site, you have to submit your url or blog in Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK and other search engines. When your sites listed in these search engines and directories, you will get lots of traffic from them.  There are thousands of free directories and search engines, so you have to submit your url or blog with specific keyword, description and title. Search engines are the major sources of web traffic. Therefore you get some clue from this and starts submit your sites in search engines and directories.

2.     Create sitemap

Second things you have to create sitemap of your site and submit it on major search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN and where necessary. It will help to get your web page to search engine and help to index of your page in search engines. Search engine robots easily find out pages and instantly index your page in search engines.

3.     Link Building

Link building is most important part of SEO. So that you have to build internal and external links to your site. Search engine always love high PageRank links and it help boost up your PageRank automatically. Higher the backlinks in your site, higher the possibility to boost up your site’s Google PageRank.  Boost up PageRank from 0 to 1 or 1 to 2 or so on, you will get tons of traffic to your site. So that, don’t forget to build up unique backlinks to your site.

4.     Write quality content

You know friends, you should not copy and paste any content from others sites. Because, duplicate and poor contents does not help to get traffic to your site. So that tries to write quality content according to your niche. High quality content always gets first priority in search engine and get lots of traffics. So that you have to depth study about your content and select specific keywords, specific data and theme of your content. Google Search engine always love research oriented and database quality content. If you write quality content your site always get first priority on search engines.

5.     Become a good Commentator

One of the best ideas to get free back link and free traffic is become a good commentator on others blogs and sites. It is rally natural building process and helps to get more traffic also. Do not spam others site but leave good comment. Before commenting you have to study the article and write comment review about such article and topics. Tries to find out high PageRank DoFollow sites and comment them. Because, NoFollow and low PageRank blogs or websites do not work properly to your link building campaign.

6.     Join in Forum post

It will be the easiest way to get traffic to your sites. There are thousands of forum sites and millions of people are connecting in different forums. Forum is the right platform to raise quires, comments, opinions and get solution of different problems. When you join in Forums then you have to put your url on profile and comment also. Post your website or blogs in forum and share views on the forum.  Many people will follow you, if you become a good commentator or if you submit good article or post on forum. You know friend, sharing is caring so that if you share something then you will certainly care in terms of traffic.

7.     Use social networking sites:

It is the greatest ideas to share your contents with your friends and other visitors. Social networking sites are also helpful for link building process as well as to get unique visitors to your site. There is hundreds of high PageRank social networking sites are serving these facilities on free of cost. Create account on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and share your web site and content. It is really awesome ideas to get traffic as well backlink to your site. Search engine also love the referrals come from social networking sites.



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