January 20, 2013

I Love Blogging 

Blogging may be your passion, fashion, profession or duty. When I started to blogging more than a half decade ago, there were some thousands bloggers in this blogging earth and they were blogging for their passion as personal diary. However, time has not remained same and blogging trends have completely changed. In earlier blogging time, blogging was defines as a personal diary and web publishers had not interested on blogging. Because of they had thought that blogging was for only personal purposed.

In recent days almost web publishers have been creating a separate corner for a blog and empowering their web portal by blogging regular basis. You can see many website owners have been investing huge amount of money for their blogging purpose. Because of blogging assist to boost up the ranking of the site and increase Search engine visibility (SEPR).

In fact blogging has been supporting to promote and boost up the PageRank of a site. It’s easy to dear to share and enhance the public profile of any company as well as personal resume. Billions of people searching different queries and blogging have been supporting to fulfill the gaps between queries. In today’s world, newbies (bloggers) and new readers have been increased drastically. In my seven years blogging experienced; I have seen dramatically changed in the pattern of the blogging and reader’s searching trends; It’s was hard to get wealthy readers for a blogger but today it’s easy to get category base visitors and category base articles. There are many blogger have been gaining reputation in this competitive blogging world.  

Blogging is one of the best platforms to share ideas with large number of audiences globally. There are many professional bloggers helping the people by sharing their best practices and knowledge’s. Professional bloggers have been sharing knowledge about health related issues, technology, climate change, fashion, SEO, blogging issues, cultural issues, money making ideas, etc. it’s a nice ideas to helping people worldwide by sharing knowledge. You can get many blogs forums and meet with lots of people around the world, which is the meeting point of people for the virtual discussion on what they want to share and what they get the solution of their queries.
In 1197 Lary Page started the Google Search engine and it added the new dimension in the internet world.
Twenty years before people were not imagined the future part of the internet. Google also started it new features as a free blog in blogger.com, which is a valuable gift for every one citizen in this world by Google. In the early time, people used blog for their personal purpose as a diary. Although, time and again Google improves its features and added new feature in blogger.com and people started to write in different topics rather than personal activities, it become the medium to connect people of the world by sharing their personal ideas in a particular subject matter. Blogger is a most popular free blog with SEO friendly features. In twelve years of blogging history, Google has changed the lots of features and billions of people have been connecting with it and millions of people following it. There are hundreds of free blogs site but people love to create their site on BlogSpot (Blogger.com). Because of, it’s easy features and SEO friendly pages.

   If you are a professional blogger then you must know the hidden paths of blog you have also known that why people are blogging? I have categorized blogging in four categories which are explaining as below:

1.     Blogging as a Profession:  if you are a professional writer, blogger and journalist then you want to share your personal ideas through professional ways. So that professional people who want to involve in blogging as professional way not a temporary way. Professional blogger do not want to share by copy paste style, they want to share their own practical experience on particular subject matters. Professional bloggers might be very clever to share their ideas and earning money form online activates. Some time they share their ideas at free of cost and most of the time they are involving for selling their ideas on internet. You may visit lots of sites and may found some tips on sale. Yes, professional bloggers surviving by selling their ideas. However, they have expertise on a particular subjects matter. Because of they spend lots of time for research on a subject matter.

2.     Blogging as a Passion: Some people have been blogging for their personal purpose or to fulfill their passion. They may involve writing their daily diary and sharing with their friends and relates. It’s a nice and creative idea to share personal activities with beloved one. It will be helpful to memorize the past activities in our life. When you are a teenage and if you write your personal activities, then you will be remembering after ten years that what you have done ten years before. It is a creative and amazing idea to write a history by you. You may have many passions, so that you can write you blog according to your passion. If you are player then you can write about sports, if you are a journalist then it will be better to write about journalism and if you are a photographer then it’s right to write about photography and share your professional photos with your friends and many other people.

3.     Blogging as a Fashion: I have seen many people are blogging as a fashion. Some people create blog for just share with their friends as he is a blogger. Whether is it right way or not, I don’t know but if they are not serious on particular topics what they are going to share then it will be harmful? Because of we should not share any ragging issues and negative issue which help to dispute in the society. We should think that blogging is a holistic place to share ideas to the people over the world. Fashion is a right point if it is decorate by right manner for the right purpose but if fashion uses for the dominate purpose then it will not fruitful for anyone. So that blogging is your personal right but you must know the certain social ethics of code of conduct.

4.     Blogging as a Duty: if you are a webmaster, SEO servant or employer of any IT industry, it must be your duty for blogging. Most of the blogger in these categories are professional and they are working for money. They have been blogging on behalf of their owners. In this competencies on web world. Many companies have been hiring as a professional blogger to boost their site. Blogging help to increase search engine visibility ranking and drive tons to traffics. So that, IT industry also hire professional content writer for their client. SEO servant also work for their client and blogging professional content to boost their sites. All these blogger have been working for some remuneration from their employers.

In conclusion, blogging is a nice idea to share knowledge with global citizen, it helps to boost the public reputation and build connectivity with lots of people. So that sharing is caring but it must be holistic approach.  Blogging is a creative and constructive ideas and it backing to surge personal creativity and people may love your ideas. When mean love your ideas then you can convert your ideas into monetary tools. Professional blogger may help people by sharing their innovative and experimental ideas to solve the social problems. When people search different queries then you will be at right front to share your ideas if you have best solution. I would like to say that as a professional blogger or any other blogger, don’t forget to sell your ideas though different ways and make money for you future blogging. Professional blogging is a hard job because you should rely on blogging.    


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