Facebook Graph Search: New Challenges for Google

Facebook is the king of the social networking site and it has just been introducing new search engine as Graph Search. Billions of people have been connecting and interacting globally through Facebook. In these days Google and other top search engines have been facing the challenges from Facebook ads. Because of the rising ads funds in Facebook and decreasing the growth rate of ads in other search engines companies is the big problem. A Facebook ad is the major income sources of Facebook and its market coverage ratio has been growing. Read more »

Gangnam Style” is second most viewed music video after the Justin Biber’s solo album “Baby” in 2010. Gangnam Style is a Guinness Book World recorded as most views video in the World. More than 891 million (near about 1 bn.) views on YouTube since it was posted 15th July, 2012. According to YouTube there are 891,972,349 views,3,519,398 comments, 5,711,616 likes, and 369,831 dislikes. The music was composed by PSY. Gangnam Style viral spread to reach the number one position on YouTube………………. Rad more 


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