December 31, 2012

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular ways to reach among billions of prospective audience. In these days, getting traffic has been challenging for small publishers, webmasters and bloggers. New web publishers and bloggers may not know the SEO strategy and they may be unable to drive traffics through referral and other ways.

SEO strategy is the hidden path to drive traffic from different sources. But need creative and constructive ideas to boost traffics, Google PageRank and Alexa Rank popularity. It is the routine jobs for every webmaster, web publisher and blogger. If you have attractive designed but getting low traffics then certainly you are being worry about traffic to your site. It is a common phenomenon in this blogging earth. Because victory cannot be achieve without any plan or strategy. So that thy know yourself and get feedback your site. You need to complete the SWOT (Strengthen, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis and your site review. Therefore you should have to learn whole SEO strategy to achieve your goal. It is the never ending process in your blogging life.

Webmasters, web designers, web publishers and bloggers must know the SEO strategy to reach billions of prospective visitors to their sites. It is the short way to gain popularity and interact with numbers of audiences. Big publishers have the great power to drive traffic to their sites. Because they have huge amount of budget for their sites promotions and gain quick retain also. They always walk with plans. Small publishers also can drive tons of traffics to their sites by investing small amount of money, but they need a dedication and commitment toward their specified SEO strategy and plans. Therefore, SEO is a creative and constructive art and there are cent percent possibilities to get traffic to your sites. If you are ready to do yourself then you can easily reach to your prospective audiences with minimum cost. It is the promotional ideas and can be possible through your personal wills.  If you choose any SEO consultant then you should pay thousands of dollars for the promotion to your sites.
I have real experiences on the SEO sectors and would like to share my best SEO strategies at free of cost. We must keep one thing in our mind that “sharing is caring”. So that if you have any new and creative ideas then share with your audiences. It will help to improve the quality services.

Best SEO Strategies:

1.  Best keyword Selection
Keywords selection is one of the first workouts for your every post (articles). Right keywords for the right contents help to drives tons of traffics. Because search engine friendly keywords assist to top ranking in search engines. There are 90 percent traffics drives through search engines and your article can get priority. There are billions of quires search in internet every day and high profile site catch up the visitors through right key words. You have to do the keywords analysis. Which keywords are most searches in search engines, and how to know it? It is very simple, just go to Google Keywords Tools and search any words then you will get best ideas and implement it. Use long-tail keywords.

 2. Post quality contents (articles):
There is no any compromise in quality. Because people always love your quality services so that you have to post quality articles with research base data analysis and scientific proves also. It helps to top ranking your site in search engines. Google Search Engine always prioritizes the best article in top Search ranking.

3.      Use content Tags and Images Tags
Don’t forget to use content tags and image tags in your every post. It helps to quick search your articles and images. Tags are short keywords, which use to find out article and images in sites. Tags are Search engine friendly and assist to get quick response to your quires.

4.      URL and Directory submission
It is the important task for every website publishers and bloggers. You have to submit your site in top ranking search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Being, Ask etc. and also submit your site on directories. There are thousands of search engines and directories. Which assist to ranking your visibility and reach your visitors. Google is the most popular search engines and it covers the 80 percent search engine markets. Other search engines are equally important for link building and ranking visibilities also. There are some top ranking directories like DMOZ, Technorati, Yahoo! Directories, Blogline etc. and submit your site inevery directories.

5.      Link building
It is another SEO strategy to boost your site’s Google Page Rank and Alexa Popularity Rank. There are many ways to links buildings: URL Submission in search engines and directories, article submission and press-release submission, community forum posting and DoFollow comment posting, Guest Blogging, social networking and bookmarking sites, public profile on website, RSS submission etc are the popular and easy way to link building. You can make timeline to implement every idea.

6.      Guest blogging
You can be a guest blogger in high PR blogs. It will help to get some High PR Link to your sites and referral traffic also. Some high PR blogs like, ………… etc. are offering guest bloggers and they welcome quality article to their sites. They also allow DoFollow links to your sites. Guest Blogging also help to boost your public figures in different blogs and drives traffics through guest blogging sites. It is the nice ways to drive traffic for newbies and expert who want to share ideas and people may love their ideas.

7.      Article submission
It is the similar ideas to guest blogging. There are many high PR article submission sites and they are offering high quality articles for their sites. Millions of people are searching new ideas and you can share your best ideas to the global citizen through article submission sites. It assists to drive traffic to your sites because they also allow the DoFollow links and it also help to build link to your sites.

8.      Press release submission
It is also similar to article submission but there is a litter bit difference. If your businesses have any new stories then share it through press-release submission sites. Thousands of press-release sites have been waiting to share your stories. Online, print and tv media have been getting news from these press-release sites. Your business will get promotion and also get DoFollow links from these sites.

9.      Forum posting
It is the common way to get referral traffic and link building also. There are many high PR communities Forum and you can become a members in these sites. Just create your account and share your best ideas to your friends. If you share your best ideas then they love to interact with you and drive traffic to your sites. In forum posting, you have to add your URL links. Many people love to interact and share their ideas through community forum. It assists to build link from highly trusted sites and drive tons of traffic to your sites. It is also a quick link building ideas and gets free sites promotion.

10.  Social networking and bookmarking campaign
You may create your public profiles in many social community sites and bookmarking sites also. But now you need to create your websites public figure in these social networking and bookmarking sites. Just make a social media campaign and reach with your friends. In these days social media is the major sources of traffics. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Hi5, Linkedin are popular networking sites and Reddit, Tubmlr, Stumbleupon, FindFriend, Delicious, Diggo etc. are most popular social bookmarking sites. You need to create profile with your URL link. There are many benefits from these sites like, drive traffics, public interaction, Search Engine visibility, link building and sharing article and post etc.

11. Share template and applications
If you have created your own template then share it with other people. Because of many people are searching free templates. It helps to drive traffic and boost link to your sites. Many people love attractive templates and use for their blogs and sites. Blogger templates and Wordpress templates are very popular and you can also share your own templates.

12. Blog commenting
It is the very nice interactive ideas to get free backlinks and drives traffic. If you find high PR DoFollow bogs then leave your comment with your url link. Many people engaging in blog commenting. It is the easy way to link building. Top commentator and good commentator may rewarded and people like your share in comments. It is the interaction process with the people.

13. RSS feeds submission
Create your RSS Feeds and submit your rss feeds to directories also. People love to subscribe rss feeds. It helps to promote your sites and get high number of traffic through feed readers. You can also leave your rss feeds link in different directories and forum post. Encourage visitors to subscribe your rss feeds and visitors will get information to every new post.

14. Create Newsletter
You can create online newsletter and share it with your visitors. People may love to read online newsletters also. Encourage to your readers to subscribe the newsletters. When you publish new post and newsletter then they will get email.

15. Regular Update your site
You have to update your blog and website regularly. Because of your regular visitors are searching new stories and ideas from your sites. If you post regularly then it help to increase SEPR and boost Google PageRank as well as Alexa Rank Popularity.

16. Video Sharing
Crate your own video posting and share with your visitors. It will help to link building and increase Search Engine Page Rank. People may love your video and also they can share it in social media. It drives the traffic to your sites. If you have video then upload it on YouTube. If you do not have YouTube account then create it and link your url also. When people search video then they will get your video.

17. Set up profile on public websites
You can set up profile on public websites. Many sites may ask you for sign up with your website link then you can add your link in these high PR sites. It helps to build public profile and get free backlink from their sites.  High PR public sites are highly trusted by Google and other Search engine and help to build link to your sites.

18.  Provide free software
If you have any software then you can free distribute to your visitor. It helps to build link as well as traffics. People are searching free software and you can also distribute your own software. It may be the great pleasure for them to get free software and love to return to your sites. One thing keep in mind that you must attach your url link in your software. You can also provide trail basis software.

19. Share photos and images
If you have nice photos and images then share them with your friends through social networking sites and attach your url link also. It will help to promote your site and attract people to your sites. You can also post attractive images to your sites. Use specific keywords for every images, it will help to search in Google image search engine. There are 10 to 15 percent search in Google Image and drive traffic to your site.

20. Publish icon set
You can publish image icon to your site. It helps to easily know your sites. People when enter your site then they easily recall their mind. Use small symbolic icon to your site.

21. Job listing to you companies
If your companies have job vacancy then just crate career page or job opportunity page to your site and post your new vacancies in your site. Many people are searching jobs and they will get your link.  People may visit your site regularly for the purpose of job opportunities.

22. PPC ads campaign
If you have financial budget to promote your site then you can make a PPC  (Pay Per Click) ads plan. It is a popular way to promote sites and reach unique visitors. There are many online PPC Ads companies likes Google Adwords, Adbrite, contera, chhitika. Prolink, bidadvertiser etc. you can bid your ads at per click basis. It is genuine way to reach your new visitors. Because cost you should bear when someone click to your site and visit your site. How much should you pay per click, it depends on Ads Company which you choose and keyword which you use for advertisement.

23. Add your URL in every printing material to your company
You can include your URL link in every printing material in you company. Hording boards, newspapers ads, letter pads, visiting cards, notepad etc. it helps to get quick link your site. People easily understand your business information.

24. Crate Facebook Page, Google Plus Page and Like button
You can also create Facebook pages, Google Plus pages for the promotion and share your website links. When you publish new article or post then share it on Facebook page and Google Plus page. Your community friends get information your activities and click on your link. You can also create Facebook and Google plus Like button. It helps to share your post by your visitors. It also help to build trust in public figure.

25. Reviews of product and services
You can reviews your products and services to others site like Reviewme, Alexa and other reviews sites. people get your product and services information and enter to your homepage. it also assist to build link and get referral traffics. you have to pay some money for this services but it is quite nice ideas to promote your product and services with your URL homepages link.
26. Free blog creation
You can create your free blogs on different blog site and promote your links and products services. free blogger allow to hyperlink text with keywords. it may be the best ideas to connect with regular update your blog and people love to read blogs also. Blogger, Wordpress, squidoo, hubpages,, LiveJournal, etc. are the popular free blogs site. they provide yourname blog with unlimited hosting. Blogger is very nice and millions of people already have been blogging. Therefore, create your free blog and promote your product, services and your site also. some blog also allow the profile url link. it help to get free back links to your site and increase Search Engine PageRank (SEPR).

27. Listing your site in yellow pages, local business directories

Yellow pages, White pages, Yelp and other local business directories help to listing your site in online and offline. when people search about your business then your business profile with URL links shows and people get your information. Some local business directories and business profile attached with your business reviews and listed your products and services.

28. Free distribute books, e-books, articles

You can publish your E-book, article and free distribute to your visitors. you need to add your web link in E-book, books and articles. it help to remind your url to the readers. Book lovers and regular article readers may convince to your product and services. If you share best article with scientific research base data analysis then people link your site to their sites and blogs. people also like to share your post to their friends. it is the cheapest ideas to popularize your site among exports and professionals.

29. Free distributes discount cards, premium and commission and also referral

If you have any discount offers then share with your visitors. it is the general ways to promote site but attract the visitors to your sites. Discount offers, sales offers, Premium offers, discount coupon, commission, referral help to convince to your visitors to return back to your site time and again. Therefore, provide offers on product and services to your visitors and build deep relation with them.

30.  Add your URL in every newspapers ads and visiting cards
You can add your URL homepages to your newspaper, magazine, online, books, e-books, tv channel, hoarding board ads. it help to get overall information to your business and people may visit your site regularly. In these days, business houses also add the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Profile link on advertisement.

31. Set up URL signature link to your Email
You can set up E-mail signature link to your E-mail address. Set up E-mail signature link help to promote your site through sending your email. E-mail receiver may be curious to click on your URL and will visit your site. it is also easy ideas to promote your site to your clients and customers. people may not know this services but you have to use this services to promote your site.


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