January 21, 2013

I have prepared a research report that why people want to earn money? And how people are earning money? I found that the making money pattern has changed due to the advancement on technology and access of broadband internet. In past two decade people have been using advance technology and assisting their daily life.

People have been entering in to liberal market to sell their product and services. But one thing has been becoming great challenges in people’s life. Due to the access of open market and production of diversified products and services; people’s wants, needs, desires, or demand have been increasing in the unlimited way. Therefore, to fulfill unlimited wants; people have engaged on different money making activities. People want to make more money to uplift their life and improve their living standard. When new product and services launched in to the market, people eager to get it quickly but every one cannot get it easily. Because of there is a burden of money. They need to wait to get these new things because of lack of financial resources. So that people want to make money from several ways. Some people work and make money for their livelihood and other people work and make money for their advance lifestyle. Whatever, everyone should work to make money and no one get windfall gain.

How can we make money?

We have to involve in different activities from early morning to till mid night. Therefore I would like to categorize our activities into two parts: Economic activities and non-economic activities.  When we get monetary gain after performing any activities then it can be called economic activities and when we involve in social activities to get satisfaction then it can be called non-economic activities. Economic activities means making money from different activities like Business, Profession, Employment, Investing, work Online etc. so that we will discuss about economic activities only.

Business: we can make money by doing our own business. We need to invest money and bear risk to earn profit. So that if you have money to invest in business then it will be better to start your own business. You will be your own boss and you will have some employees to assist you. So that it may help to make money fast but you need to bear all kinds of risk on business. In business you must know that “no risk, no gain”. You can be a producer, service provider, retailer, wholesaler, importer, exporter or investor in business. It is one of the best ways to make money fast. How much money do you need to invest on business? It depends on the nature of business, scale of business, size of business and form of business.

Profession: if you have a special academic degree with certified license then you can make money through providing services and collecting fees. If you are a Charter Accountant (CA), Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, professor, Lawyer, Health worker, Technician or any other professional license holder then you can create your own business form and make money by serving to your client. You don’t need to sell any product but should provide special services to the clients and in return you will get fees. Professional personalities should be bounded in the certain code of conduct from their parent organization. It is the best way to make money.

Employees: Another way to make money is work in an organization as employees and in return get salary, allowances, incentive, bonus, pension, and other many facilities from employer. If you do not have professional knowledge and do not have enough money to invest in business then you can work in business organization or government offices to make money. Employees always work on behalf of an employer to make money and sustain on the fixed income. There is no risk in this work but have a limited earning capacity.

Investing: you can make money by investing money in different ways. Invest money on Shares, Debenture, mutual funds, Bonds etc. and earn dividend and bonus from them. You can earn money from bank interest by depositing your money in banks and other financial institutions. If you do not want to bear risk then it will be better to deposit your money into financial institution and earn certain percent interest.

Work Online: Another way to make money from work online. It is a modern way to make money and there are many online job resources available. You can invest your valuable time to perform online work and make money. Online Data entry job, Freelance work, paid survey; online typing, Medical transcription etc. are major sources of online work. You can work online job from your own sit where you are living, but you should have technical or computer knowledge to perform these jobs. You can make unlimited amount of money from online work. If you have excellent ideas then you can make quick money from online because you have to invest your ideas and your efforts to earn money form online.

33 Ways to make money online

There are thousands of ways to make money online but everyone cannot perform all these jobs. According to your knowledge you have to invest your efforts and it helps to get quick money form online. Each online job is not feasible for every one and each job is not trusted also. So that you have to calculate your mind before joining any kinds of online work and know the legitimacy of the work.  I found that there are many online works are scams. Therefore you have to be aware from those dogs that bark more and cannot bite. I have been working fulltime for more than a half decade and in my experienced and experiment; I got some legitimate work. I would like to recommend to you. Each work is not suitable for you but it may be possible to perform if you choose some specific jobs. Which is the best way to make money online? It depends on you and your performance because your earning depends on your best doing on online. You can earn quick money or it will take little more time to earn money online. Before joining online programs, you have to get adequate knowledge about your specific work. You must put attention on the legitimacy, how much will pay, how much time it will take to what get you’re earning, and how will you get your earning or mode of payment etc. I know there are millions of people are involving to make money online but all are not becoming earner, many people are becoming loser on online work because of lack of adequate knowledge about the related work. Some people has been earning unbelievable amount of money form online work. You can make lots of money but need to take better action. So that I have listed 33 ways to make money online, which are may be suitable for you.

1.      Make money form Google AdSense: Google AdSense is the popular way to make money in this internet giant. You can make money from Google by placing Google ads in your webpage or blogs. Billions of websites and bloggers have been using this tool to make money online. If you have your own website or a blog then you can place Google ads by creating your account on Google AdSense. Google will pay on the pay per click basis and your minimum earning will be 100$ to make payment. It’s free way to create account and place ads, when your visitors click on the ads then Google count your every click and impression and increase your revenue. Your earning is also depends on your content and your niche blog or website. It is a legitimate way to make money online and thousands of bloggers and web publishers have been earning money from it. Some professional bloggers and web publishers have been relies their livelihood. If you do not have a website or blog then you can create it on free of cost at Blogger.com, Just create your own free blog and post valuable contents and promote your blog or site and then you can join with Google AdSense. You can earn money from multiple websites or blogs by placing Google Ads. There are many other ads companies like Chitika, Bidadvertiser, Adbrite, Linkpro, Contera etc. However, Google AdSense is one of the best options to make money online.

2.      Make Money from Get Paid Survey: you can make money form get paid survey. There are thousands of multinational companies are launching new products and services in a single day and they want to get feedback from their customer’s side. So that you can involve in the survey review plans and share your personal views about the new products and services. Some companies are also testing their products and services through online and you will be participating on it. It is also a popular way to make money online. There are some website providing get paid survey jobs opportunity. You should not need to invest money for it and just become a member of the survey plan and give your own answer or opinion and in return you will get some pocket money or more than it.

3.      Make money by selling your photo online: If you are professional photographers or if you have stock of attractive photos then you can sell it online and make money. There is some website asking for attractive and historical photos. You can be a member of those photo selling sites and upload your photos. Istock.com is one of the most popular sites on online photo selling. You can sell your professional photos on these sites on the basis of per photo. Think you are biding your photo on online. If anyone people like to buy then he or she can buy it through those sites where you are a member and will get return from them.

4.      Make money from Product and Service Review: You can make money by providing reviews reports of product and services. Multinational companies are searching for their product and services reviewers, and then you can do this work and post in your blog or sites. You will get certain amount for your performance form the companies. There are many Reviews sites and you can be join in these sites and work with them. You can write your review report on Factoidz. Factoidz is the popular product reviews site and it is number one paid product and business review sites, they even give you a bonus for actually comprehensive reviews.

5. Make money from Blogging: Blogging is one of the best platforms to share ideas and opinion. It helps to connect with millions of people globally. You can share your experiment and experience in particular sectors. You have to develop a website or a crate a blog to share your opinion. When people love to follow your ideas then you can convert in to money. Blogging is the popular ways to make money online and you can monetize your blog traffics. There are several ways to make money form blog and you can choose best option according to your niche blog. To attract visitors you have to promote your ideas and monetize it. You can place Google Ads, Chitikas, Linkpros ads, Contera Amazon ads, EBay ads etc. and also can sell your web or blog space to an individual person. You can join with online affiliation marketing through your blog; it helps to get quick and big money. You have to build network to sell product and services online affiliation marketing. Whether you are a professional writer or newbies but you can expose your ideas and join with different online money making plan through your blog.

6. Make Money from selling your web Space: it is another idea to make money for web publisher and bloggers. There may be unused space to your site or blog and you can sell this space to any advertiser and earn money.  You can earn money according to ads space and ads location zone. At the front or home page, you can charge high rate and in the inner page can charge low rate. High PR blogs and sites have been using this technique to make money online. But whether it is appropriate or not you have to decide yourself. One thing you must remember that, don’t place misleading ads to your site. Because it discourage to your visitors and you will get high bounce rate. If you get best ads company with attractive ads then place it to your web page or blogs. You can also sell your web space to the online web space purchaser but it will be possible when your site has high PR and high traffics generators.   
7. Make Money from Online Logo Design: if you are well graphic designers, it may be the great opportunity to make money from online logo designing. There are thousands of new companies searching log designer for their company and institutions. International graphic designer can design an attractive logo design or ads design and get high pay. You can search these companies and can do this job online. There are some website searching online logo designers and you can work with then. They also pay high amount for an attractive logo. In this time of globalization, national and multinational companies want to reach in different places, so that they want to create their ads and logo according to the specific region. You may be the good earner by working with them. Sell your creative ideas and make money as well as reputation.

8. Make Money from Template Designing: if you are well web designer or template designer then you can sell your template online and make money. There are no boundaries to make money for you because of the emerging market of internet. There are thousands of new companies and organizations starts their life daily and are searching a best template designers. Some companies and organization create their own template to boost their goodwill. So that they hire web designers to design template, you can be a part of them. You can charge your template on highly prices and earn make money fast but you should have innovative ideas and attractive or unique template. There are some website purchase templates and you can join with them and sell your every template on online.

9. Make Money by Developing Software: if you are a well software engineers then you can develop software and application. In this age of technology, people need different software to make their life easier. As a software engineer you may have innovative ideas and use your best ideas to develop new software. When you launched new software into the market then you will get unlimited money by selling it globally. You can sell it on local market or global market but you will get international prices. You can sell your software through online and when someone to download then you will ask credit or visa card to buy it. You can also develop computer and mobile application and sell it on online.

10. Make Money from Paid to Click (PTC): Paid to click is help to make small money by surfing ads on website. There are some Ads surfing website which pay money for surfing ads. You can join in this money making programs but you have to choose best website companies. Because some PTC companies are frauds or scams and your effort will not rewarded by them. So that you have to be very careful from those scams sites. If you found well PTC sites then join with them and surf some ads for ten to twenty second and they will pay little be cent for surfing ads. It can be nice ideas to make money online but it is not appropriate for professional person. Newbies can earn some pocket money for little bit time and it may be wise that after doing some days and quiet it. Because of you will not earn more money from it.

11. Make Money from Affiliation Marketing: affiliation marketing can be a better option for who wants make money fast and more. But you need a strong network on online. You can earn thousands of Dollars overnight but it cannot possible without well affiliation tricks and strong networks. In affiliation marketing you need to sell products or services to your followers and you should refers to your networks and when any one person to you circle buy product and services then you will earn certain percent bonus or commission. You need to build strong circle and refers them to buy product and services. You can also refer to your friends, relatives and anyone other; you have to encourage them to buy the products and services. When they buy your refer products and services then you will get commission from sellers. There are many online affiliation marketing companies rising in this emerging internet giant. You should be aware from scam offers. Before joining any affiliation programs you have to be well study about the affiliation company and its offers.

12. Make Money From SEO Service: if you are a well SEO expert then you can sell your ideas to web publishers and bloggers. In these days many web publishers have been searching well SEO expert and you can work with them or you can also start your virtual company and sell your ideas. SEO is the major promotional tools of website or blog. In this competitive age of internet, every company wants to enter in to the virtual market by creating their website and they must promote their site to sell their product and service. When they want to promote their web site then they need SEO export to get quick ranking their sites. You can make money by serving these services globally. Wherever you stay but you can sell your innovative ideas globally.

13. Make Money from Writing Article: if you are a journalist or professional write then it’s easy to earn money by write professional article and sell it online. There are many article submission sites and you can write for them. Some web publishers also search for script writer for their blogs and sites. As an article writer you can write article on any particle topics and sell it. You must focus on your particular niche. Before writing any article you have to depth study about the related topics and then you can elaborate your expertise. It will be better to write in any one field, like as climate change, IT, Business, Culture, SEO, Blogging ideas, Health issue etc. if you regularly write in any particular streams then your experience and expertness also boost and then you can get easiness for clarification.

14. Make Money from EBay and Amazon: You can make money from EBay and Amazon by selling its product. EBay and Amazon provide commission its referrers. If you are a web publisher or blogger then you can place EBay and Amazon ads to your site and refers to your visitors. If your visitors buy products and services through you refer then you will get handsome commission. You have to need a strong relation with your visitors. It means you should be able to convince to your visitor and then you will buy product through your reference. It is also a popular way to make money fast and more.

15. Make Money from Creating and Selling E-book: if you can write any guideline in any particular topics or can write your own book then you can create e-book and sell online. Professional writer and journalist or SEO export can convert their ideas in to monetary tools. Professional writer can write his own experience and experiment on any particular topic and create an e-book then make money by selling it online. In these days the trends of purchasing e-book is highly rated and professional writer are selling their ideas by crating e-book and selling it globally. IPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Desktop, Apple, Amazon Candle kits etc. support the E-book and people are motivating to read book on their small machine (laptop, palmtop, apple, and iPhones). Therefore the reading pattern of people has changed and people are shifted from paper base book to digital book. At this great opportunity, writer can sell their ideas globally and make unlimited money.

16. Make Money from YouTube: you can make money form YouTube Video. You need to just create account and upload thousands of video and place Google video ads. There are many people are earning from this legitimate way. It is similar to the Google AdSense and you can create free account and place Google video ads on YouTube. If your video viewer clicks in ads then Google will pay per ads view basis. But you need to make your YouTube account SEO friendly and attract people to view your video. Therefore if you are a video lover then it’s easy to earn because you may know that which video is most searching and what people prefer. You can upload your own video or get from YouTube resources. If you have nice video then people will definitely love your video and they will return to your place.  

17. Make Money from Search Engine: you can create your own search engine and place ads to your site. It is also a popular way to make money. You have to create search engine site and when people search keyword then they will click on ads. You may have seen may ads base search engine sites and they place ads on their sites. When any one visitor enter in to the site and they will see many scroll ads and they may click on their prefer ads. Google and other ads serving company provide search engine base ads. First of all you have to design a website and places ads and promote your site through different way. When people search any specific keyword in any search engine then your site may be get prioritize and if your visitor enter to your site and click on ads then you will get revenue from it. You can also create local search engine and encourage your local people to use your search engines. There are millions of search engines and you can know only few search engines. Many search engines relying on ads income.

18. Make Money by creating DirectorySubmission Sites: you can make money by designing your own directory and encouraging people to submit their site. You can create local or global directory and ask people to submit their site to your directory and you will charge fees for your review fees or annual fees. I found that there are so many directory created for making money purpose. They just created directory site and promote their directory to submit url to their site. When people submit their site then directory owner charge fees. People are encouraging to submit their site in directory for the purpose of listing their sites and get traffics as well as backlink to their sites.

19. Making Money by Domain Re-selling: you can purchase bulk quality of domain from whole seller and re-sell too many people. It can be done through creating your website and providing your domain service to your client. Just create your website and buy bulk amount of domain and sell in your local or global market. You can get commission and profit also. It is also a nice idea to make money by doing one kind of business. When you get success from it then you can sell other services through your former contact. If your target markets it local then it will be easy to convince to your local people and they also purchase hosting and web designing or SEO services. It will be another benefit for you.

20. Make Money form Forum Site: you make money by creating your forum sites. It is similar to other site but you create forum site for general discussion. After creating forum you have to put Google ads or other ads and when your forum member or visitors click on ads you will get revenue. We know that in Forum site, many people attract to engage and it easy to get regular visitors. Visitors or your forum member may click on ads while discussing their forum topics. In forum sites many people motivate to share their ideas and also their own member account, once they become a member. They will visitor and participate on discussion. It helps to increase ads impression and revenue also.

21. Make Money form Online Typing: Many people searching online typist and you can work with them. In online typing, you will get revenue according to the certain words basis. There are some online typing sites searching online typist and you can also work with them. It can be an easy way to make money for online typist. As a typist you have to require fast typing skill and accuracy also.

22. Make Money from Making Video: You can make money by making video and selling it online. There are so many video selling sites and you can sell your attractive video to them. Some companies or people may searching attractive video and you can sell your video to them and make handsome money. Professional videographer can make lots of nice video and make money by selling online.

23. Make Money from Document Translation: there are many website which are searching document translator. If you have knowledge of multiple language languages then you can make money by being a language translator. In this time of globalization, people travel one place to another place and they needs different document but language can be hurdle. You can be a facilitator to translate their document and get translation fees. In this time, multinational companies are also doing their business in different location and they need local people to sell their product or translate administrative document on local language. So that it can be a great opportunity to make money for you.  

  24. Make Money from Playing Game: you can make money by playing online game. There are some online game sites; they pay some amount for player. Because they are testing their game online and people can make money by plying or testing games. You can also make money by this way. Online game sites offers for online game players and they pay money after playing game on their sites.

25. Make Money from PPC ads: you can make money from placing different company’s PPC (Pay per Click) ads to your sites. It is similar to Google Absence. There are so many PPC Ads Company providing texts ads, video ads, visual ads etc. and any one web publisher or blogger can places ads to their site and make money from. The popular ads companies are Google Ads, Contera, Linkpro, Chitika, Bidadvertiser, Adbrite etc. which are providing PPC ads to the web publisher and blogger. Web publisher and blogger can earn money on the basis of Pay per Click.

26.  Freelancing: Freelancing is also a popular way to work online and make money. There are many freelancing sites and offering various kinds of online jobs. You can write content or scripts, web designing, data entry, logo design, outsourcing, online typing; ads positing, computer programming, ads designing  etc. it is a nice way to use extra or part time and make money. It is open sources of job and any one person can work from their home but require specific computer and academic skills according to the nature of works. You can make handsome money by doing freelancing job. It is a great opportunity who has knowledge on particular sectors and searching for job. There is no age gap or age burden to perform this job.

27. Fiverr: Fivver is an online outsourcing site which offers various kinds of online jobs. You can write article or scripts or marketing contents, logo designing, and poem composes, drawing personalize cartoons etc. and sell it on fiverr. It is also a freelancing work and way to make money form online. Professional writer can get more opportunities by writing and selling articles on Fiverr. It is a popular site for outsourcing job. Fiverr is a place where you can sell your ideas and make $5 per work.

28. Online File Sharing site: You can make money by sharing file on online. This is simple ideas that you can upload your file and people will download your and paid for download. There are many sites pay money for sharing and uploading files. You can earn up to $600 per 1000 file upload; which is the highest earnings from Shared.com. You can work with Hotfile.com, Uploading.com, Filefactory.com, Sharecash.org, Depositfile.com, Bitshare.com, Filedino.com, Muchshare.net, Rapidgaor.com etc.

29. Create your own Business site: You can create your own business site and sell your product and services globally. You can make lots of money by designing e-commerce site and selling your product through online. It's nice idea to doing business online and make money. You may have your own product and services and sell it on online.

30. Online Data Entry: Data Entry is another way to make money online. There are many site offering for data entry persons and you can work online. In this time of globalization there are thousands of national and multination companies offering data entry operators and they may have lots of outsources jobs and they offers to other people.


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