November 23, 2012

Author: Googma Sansar

In these days social media sites are major sources of unique traffic and high quality backlinks. Social networking and bookmarking sites are the best platform to share everything. Social media is the cheapest promotional tools. I have already joined 100 + social networking and bookmarking sites and sharing my every blog post.  My more than a half decade long experienced on blogging shows that social media is get-quick-traffic technique. It’s easy to get readers in social networking and bookmarking sites. Publishers, friends, well-wishers, visitors and others can share their favorite articles, post, videos, images and book readers on social networking and bookmarking sites.

It’s hard to get traffics to your site if you do not share your stories on social media. Even popular news base sites like BBC, CNN, IHT, Times etc. have been adding social plugin on their sites; Because of the multiple benefits of social media. Social bookmarking and networking sites also help to popularize the public profiles by connecting with billions of global citizens.  High PR social bookmarking and networking sites can play the major role for web publishers and bloggers. Almost bookmarking and networking sites provides the profile url links as well as url rss feed links. It can assist to boost up Google PageRank. High PR social book marking and networking sites are count as authority sites.  Therefore, one way link from these site help to instant boost PageRank as well as enhance traffics. Social media for small business is like as a god gift.
Blogger, web publisher and small business can take major benefits from social media. The main problem of small publisher is low traffic and low page rank. But solution is there if you actively participate in social media. There are many ways to share stories in social bookmarking and networking sites. Onlywire is also providing bookmarking facilities to their paid members, so that you can be a joined with Olywire, which help to share your links in major bookmarking sites. However, you can also share your link by manual basis; it means creates free account on different bookmarking sites and share links one by one. Onylywire is a software system to share links in different bookmarking sites through its plugin. It is a paid base service of Onlywire. If you are able to spend money for this services then it is one of the easiest ways to share your post in hundreds of bookmarking sites within a minute. It can save your time and efforts. However, if you do not have budget then you can share your links by manual basis.

Just sign up an account and don’t forget to include you url link on profile then share your each post. One thing kip your mind that higher the link sharing, higher the chances to get traffics as well as high quality backlinks from others sites. Links from social media are natural and trusted by Google robots. When Google crawls to your sites, robots detect your link on different trusted sites. It can help to boost your PageRank and Alexa Rank.  It is a continues process. As much as possible submit your link on social bookmarking and networking sites. You can also encourage and request to visitors for bookmarking your links. Try to connect with many people and interact with them.

Facebook like, Stumbleupon, Twitter link sharing, Google plus sharing and other major bookmarking and networking sites performance also evaluate by Google while ranking up your sites. You may already joined on social media for personal purpose but now you have to joined with social media for grow your business. Create Facebook page and Google plus page and share your brand with your friends. Social media also help to establish your brand. When you reach among thousands of audience, then it is easy to sell your product and services.

We know that people are crazy on social media and publishers are also crazy to share their brands with friends. People are enjoying to sharing and commenting others post. So that why not utilize for blogging purpose. Google ads facing challenges from social media and Google ads have been losing its place because of the popularity of social media like Facebook. A Facebook ad is charming to the online advertisers. Because of the increasing ratio of people engaging on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. so that major online PPC ads service providers like Google adwords, Adbrite, Linkpro, Bidvetisers, Chittika, Yahoo !, MSN have been struggling to get ppc ads. Social media advertising are facilating nice services to their customers.

In conclusion, social media strategy can play the crucial role to boost of your PageRank. Therefore social media is the popular way and cheapest tools for promotion to your site. It can be the right place to meet your unique visitors and higher visibility to your sites on SEPR.

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