December 07, 2012

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. It may be your passion, fashion, profession or duty. However, millions of blog have already been monetizing their traffics. When I started blogging for more than a half decade, at that time blogging was as a fashion and only few bloggers were monetizing their traffic. Because many people were thought blogging as a personal diary and only few people knew the professional parts of blogging.
In these days, thousands of bloggers have been making money from their blogs. The major source of monetizing their blog is Google AdSense and rest sources are Adbrite, Infolink, Bidadvertiser, Chitika etc. it is the nice and easy ways to make money through online. Blogging is the best place to share ideas and convert their ideas into dollars. Blogging was stared after developed the Google Search Engine by Larry Page in 1997. In 2000 just launched the blogging as a diary. In the early aged, it was use for personal purposed but time and again it has changed the features and modalities. After 2005, blogging have been exhausting for sharing public issues. It helped to create the online job market and millions of people have been relying on online job. Freelancers, Housewives, Students, Professional personalities and even job holders have been engaging in online money making field.
Blogging has created lots of great opportunities and moreover it has made possible for everyone with no experiences on official field. There are hundreds of legitimate opportunities in blogging. It also help to get-quick-rich and for some people professionally used their time. In this article I have listed 7 most popular and legitimate ways to make money by blogging. Even though, you may use other several techniques for the purpose of monetizing your traffics.

1.   PPC Ads
2. E-mail Marketing
3.  Review Product, Services and Website
4. Affiliation Marketing
5. Selling Advertising Space
6. Create and Sell E-book
7. Your own Search Engine

1.  PPC  Ads
PPC (Pay Per Click) ads is one of the most popular way to monetize your traffics. Google AdSense, AdBrite, BidAdvertiser, Infolink, Chitika, Kontera etc are major sources of PPC ads. In this technique, earning depend on click on ads. You have to publish ads on your blogs and If any one visitor click on ads then it will generate revenue as per click basis. In these days, millions of bloggers have been using PPC ads on their blogs. Google AdSense is one of the highest paying PPC ads compare with other PPC ads companies. More than 80 percent blogger have published Google Ads. Because of, it’s trustworthiness, highest Paying Rate and easy to get revenue.

2. E-mail Marketing
E-mail Marketing 
E-mail marketing is another way to monetize your blog traffics. Many big traffic generated blogs and websites have been using this techniques to make money from online. In this way you have to include the email subscription plugin to your blogs and if any one visitor subscribes your email then they will get certain kinds of offers, discount, and coupons for buying product and services. If your email subscribers busy any product and services through your refer then it will generate revenue as per prescribed rate. The revenue earning is depend as on certain percentage commission and values of product and services which sell through your refer.
Review Product and Services

3. Review product, Services and Websites
It is a pleasant way to make money online by doing review of product and services. Write review on your own words and publish to your blog. Review Me is right place to get review product, services and Websites to your own blog. All the review activities on your own hand and you will get one review post per day for one product or services or any websites. Review Me may be your best choice to earn money by review. You will get paid 20 $ to 200 $ per review of product, services or website and publish them into your own blogs. As a blogger you may have lots of ides then you have to explore to them through reviewing method. 

4. Selling Advertising Space
Selling Advertising Space 
You can sell your blog space for the purpose of adverting product and services and it may help to generate revenue by selling advertising space to advertisers. Advertiser may search high traffic web space to advertise their product and services. Therefore your blog may be right place for advertise their product and services. Much high traffic generating blogs have been selling their blog space for promotion product and services. There is an option for bog space selling to Google DoubleClick. DoubleClick offers publishers a complete ad revenue engine, helping publishers streamline operations and capture the most value for every impression.
If your site have been generating more traffic then it will be easy to sell your blog space. However, low traffic generating blogs do not get opportunity to selling their blog space. Because of advertisers do not want to publish their ads on low traffic and impression generating sites and even they agree to publish ads on low traffic generating sites, they will bear very low cost per click or impression. At that you may choose another option to monetize your bogs.
Create your own E-book

5. Create and sell E-book
As a blog writer you may have well writing skill and you can use your proficiency to write different tricks, ideas, articles, books etc. and create it on e-book.  E-book is most popular and easy to sell it. You can sell your e-book by using your blogs. Because of you have best place to embolden to your visitors and convert them readers to customers. It helps to boost your site traffic and breed revenue also.

6. Your own search Engine
Your Own Search Engine
More than 90 percentage traffics generated by search engine and Google coverage 74.4 percent search engine market. Therefore, you can use search engine tools to your site for monetizing purpose. Google AdSense, Yahoo!, Bing etc. have been providing customize search engine tools with ads. If anyone visitor to your site search any specific keyword and enters on ads then it will generate revenue. The revenue depends on the keywords which the visitors entered. If you are Google AdSense members then it’s really nice to use Custom Google Search Engine box to your site. There are many websites have been using custom search engine tools on their sites for the purpose of generating revenues. You can get many search engine base site using Google AdSense ads also.

7.  Affiliation Marketing
Affiliation Marketing 
Affiliation Marketing is easy-quick-make money technique and there are thousand so products and services for you to choose from to endorse to your bog visitors. You have to randomly adding links to them from your blogs. In the affiliation marketing you should have a strong networking technique and well known professional relation with your blog readers. It is a well technique to transforms from readers to customers. If you show professional skills on your writing then your blog readers return back to your blog time to time, because your technique may inspire them to visit again. Your visitors may have at least some level of faith and admiration for your professional blogging and perhaps the fastest tracks to terminate this is to refer that readers buy something. You have to show an open and honest appraisal of the product and services including its Strengthen, weakness, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT Analysis). It is not a joke that any visitors transform from blog readers to a buyers. Therefore, you should have to show a serious entrepreneurial ability. There is no any barrier to earn the limitation of earning through affiliation marketing but it may be depend on your ability.


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  2. Great share and a good advice for beginners on making money !!
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  3. Thanks for sharing great points!!Will definitely implement them for my blog!!

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