November 20, 2012

Author: Gooma Sansar
I have been working with Google Adsesnse since 2005. What I learned from Google, it is a game of number. I have been earning revenue from adsense and it has been increasing by double for every year. Why my revenue has been growing, because of number. At the initial period; I earned pocket money and that was not enough to run my life. But when I got big number of traffics then revenue grew automatically. Today I have a big number so that it is possible to earn big digit of money from adsense.

We know that we can monetized our web traffic but we should have large number of traffic, lots of quality content, lots of high PRbacklinks, high Google PageRank  etc. Google adsense is easy-quick-make-money ideas but if you do not have big digit it will never possible to earn quick money. If you want to quick monetize your traffic then you have to take better action to boost you numbers. In this period, billions of website publishers and blog writers are on the battle field. It is the time of cold war for every web publisher and blogger. One research showed that 70-80 percent websites and blogs publishers have been monetizing their traffics but not properly. Only few online ads publishers have been getting right benefit. Why it is happening? Because of numbers, big publisher have the big tools to promote their site and get tons of traffic and monetized their tons of traffics.
Making money from Google adsense is not big magic but earning big digit from Google Adsense is big challenges. Because of, Google Adsense isall about numbers. How much number of digits do you have? If you have large number of digit then there is no doubt that you have been earning handsome money. If you have small digits then you have to struggle to make money from adsense.  You may be a part of those ads publishers who are on the phase of great effort. You have to make long term seo strategy to make money from adsense. Short run planning and strategy may not be sustainable in this great challenging period. I have already shared a story howcan I earn 360 $ in a day fron Google Adsense. You can take some ideas from this post.

Terms “Number” is very often using while make money from adsense. You may count 2 + 2 = 4 but sometime it may be 5. So that, in online marketing and affiliation programs, you can improve your digit as soon as possible. Your beauty can not work itself, you have to elaborate your beauty among global audience and get large digit of traffics. Your marketing strategy can really play the crucial role to promote your site and earn large digit of money from adsense. My colleague Lisa Cook has been earning more than thousand dollars in single days. She has thousands of visitors on her site and getting well feedback, so that it was possible to earn huge money. You may have a dream to make money from adsense and other millions of people have also dreams to make money from adsense but only dream cannot fulfill itself. Therefore, your effort can play the major role to achieve your goal. Big digit is always favorable for Google Adsense. I’m not sharing phony stories; it is truth for learner and earners.

Number is our daily life cycle. So that may remember your birth day, your marriage date etc. as a webmaster or publisher you have to know how many visitors have been visiting to your site? How many in bound and out bound links to your site? How many visitors commenting to your article? How many pages daily view? How many number of content to your site? All these queries are equally important to boost your site. You may use Google Analytical tools to analyses all these things. Google Analytic tool perfects tools to analyses the audience.   

In conclusion, you have to remember one thing always, large number is better and small number is worse for adsense earners. Share your opinion on the following comment box.  You will get one way backlink juice to your site and it will be helpful to boost your PageRank. 


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