November 03, 2012

 Dear global audience,
You are warm welcome to Goolge Adsense University (GAU). Today we are going to play an amazing game. This is the best platform to make quick money. This university is always dedicated to serve to all global learners and earners.  Billions of learners are already admitted to make money and millions of learners millions of learners already achieved Google Adsense Degree (GAD). It is really awesome and funny types of game. Google Adsense University (GAU) always opens admission with certain criteria. Thousands of learners left the courses in the middle of the path. But who got success to achieved degree from this university; he or she secured their life.

You might play many types of game in your life but today we are going to play a game of number. Big number is the best and small one is the worst. Because, Google Adsense University always loves the big numbers or scores. If you scored the big numbers; then you will get the large digit of money and vice versa. All ther learners must be follows the university’s policy, term and conditions as well as rules & regulations.
If anyone learner tries to avoid the policy of the university, his or her admission automatically disable. No one listen his or her voice and he or she will be not allowed to get admission forever. The admission process and performances of the learners are regulated by robots; which is machine like computer. So that, I would like to request for everyone to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the Google Adsense University, if you want to learn and earn from this university. This is the only one university in the world, which provides earning opportunity while learning courses. But your earning is always depending on your hand so that you need to improve your performances.  

Dear respected audience, have you ever heard about university without lecturers? If you haven’t heard then today you must hear. This university is only one university in this world, there are no lecturers available. This is paperless and online earning university. There is always examination held and get real time results. Your scores convert in terms of Dollars. You all have to write thesis, case study, assignment, report writing, articles and post to them into your own website of blog. If any one visit or read your article or post in your website or blog then your scores will increase and you will raise your money.
It is all about number. How many numbers of visitors do you have? How many numbers of page views or impression to your website or blog? How many numbers of sites do you have? How many numbers of quality contents on your websites or blogs? How many numbers of quality back links to your sites? How many numbers of high PageRank to your sites? How many numbers of unique visitors? How many numbers of words on your contents?  How many numbers of email subscribers to your websites or blogs? Therefore Google Adsense is all about number. How many numbers do you have? Big number get big money and small number get little money. What do you think about you?  If you want to get quick and big money then you have to increase your numbers. Increase your visitors, increase your back links, write more quality contents, and boost up your site traffic and PageRank. I know nobody want to be looser. Therefore you have to work better than now, and enhance your interpersonal skills and social networking sites.
Why I’m talking about these matters? Because, thousands of earners have left their course on the middle of the path; Due to lack of accurate knowledge on related topics. You need to understand the value of number. Never ignore the value of number because your effort always depends on numbers. Think number is your life and it always work in our life cycle.
At last I would like to attention your concerned; Google Adsense is one of the best options to earn money in this competitive internet market. But you have to understand the Google Adsense Policies. Work better, earn better and better your life.
Thank you to all you. 


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