October 31, 2012

I have a long experienced with Google AdSense. 
When I was study in graduation level in 2005, I listened about Google AdSense. I did not believe on this affiliation program over two months. But I studied continually about Google AdSense and I got realities & some facts about AdSense.  In 2005 when I started to write my personal blog and got advised from my colleague Lisa Cooke who is a blog writer and has been earning 5 digits earning a month. I joined with Google AdSense in May 2005. But unfortunately my account has disabled by Google AdSense due to several reasons like poor quality contents, invalid click and low audience. At that time I had lost my confident.
But after getting advised from my colleague Lisa and I created next blog on blogger.com and wrote quality content under technology niche market. I wrote more than 30 articles with more than 700 words per articles and post it in to blogs.  We must write at least 700 words of article to get AdSense approval. I did not sleep for two months. I had collected lots of resources about Google AdSense and studied long hours. Because before joining Google affiliation program AdSense we should have adequate knowledge. It is not get-rich-quick money, it is a continues process. Yes you and I can earn money but not equally. My first month income was only 130$. Time has changed but I have completed my master degree on business administration and other hand my earnings from Google AdSense rapidly grew.  
Time Line of Average Google AdSense Earning
5 $
130 $
1700 $
12 $
350 $
3800 $
22 $
650 $
7350 $
50 $
1380 $
14500 $
72 $
2050 $
23560 $
96 $
2780 $
32870 $
160 $
4760 $
360 $

 In 2005 my monthly average income was 130$ and annual income was about 1700 $. At that time it was my pocket money but not enough. In 2006 it has increased to 350$ per month and 3800 $ annual income. In 2007, my revenue has doubled fold and earn 650 $ average monthly income and annually earned $ 7350. In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, my income was increased by 100% annually. In 2011 my Google AdSense monthly average income was 4760 $ and annual average income was 56890. In 2012 my revenue has increase by 300 %. In this time I have been earning 360 $ a day and monthly 11300 $. It is 5 digit monthly my income. What did you think about it? Did you believe it or not But I have done lots of studies, invest money, have done research, wrote quality contents and working with good niche market to make money in 5 digits a month. It is not a joke and it is not quick money making technique but it is completely possible earn money, if your dedication enable toward monetization. My colleague Lisa Cooke has earned 5800 $ last year. She is a senior seo consultant of a seo marketing company.

It is not a dream and it is not a magic. It is a game of number. Yes friends, it is a game of number. Number of quality contents, number of Google PageRank, numbers of visitor, number of backlinks, number of key words, number of niche etc. how many number do you have? I mean higher the number higher the chances to earn more money from AdSense. If you have thousands of visitors in a day then there is higher the chance to make more money but if you have hundred visitors in ad day means you have less chances to earn more money. So, it is all about number.

Today thousands of high Google PageRank website has been earning thousands of dollars in a single day. Google always love large number of audience in your website. You are ads publisher like as a newspapers or Television. Every advertiser always wants to go mass or crowd of people but not a silence zone. So that, if your site has been attracting thousands of audience then obviously your income become high.

You should learn Guru Mantra or diplomatic strategy.  Your strategic plan should be goal oriented. Because how many number of audience to target? Therefore, make a good plan and work with your planning and dedication toward goal achievement.

Google Adsense Cheaque 

Let’s talk myself, my child dream was become a doctor but unfortunately I could not get opportunity due to poor financial problem while I was studied at high school level. My family background was poor so that my parent could not afford for high fee. Then after, I changed the path of my life. While I was study in graduation level, one day my colleague Lisa Cook shared me about Google AdSense. She has been working with Google AdSense since 2003. She has already done many researches and wrote a Google AdSense thesis also.  I really inspired from her. I’ve completed my master degree at business administration and I’m full time blog writer & seo consultant.  In fact I have been running 97 websites and blogs. I have 28 free hosted blogs in blogger.com and 69 self-hosted domain.  I have already mentioned that it is all about number. So that multiple numbers of  websites and blogs really help to generate more traffics and more traffics monetize into large revenue. It is a tough job to handle multiple website but can do gradually basis and rapidly.

Today I would like to share some secret ideas to earn 360$ in a single day. How many number of visitors, how may number of Page views, and how many number of click on ads? Have you ever imagined or not? I have rough data to earn 360 $ a day which is presented below.

Target Google AdSense Earning
Target Revenue
Page views
No. of visitors
Click on ads 
For 100 $
For 200 $
For 300 $
For 360 $

*Average 2.25% visitors click on ads

* Average earning per click 0.2 $

*Average page views 1.5 per visitors

*Average page view at least 1000

Now to earn 360 $ per day with CTR (Page impression Rate) 1.5, CPC 0.2 $ (earning per click ads) and 119999 page views. Total page views are multiple of 1.5x no. of visitors. Therefore we required 119999 page views and 79999 visitors or 1800 click on ads to earn 360 $ in a day. It is a rough data; nobody knows the actual data. How much money can we earn? But if you target your revenue then it is easy to calculate estimated revenue.

Now it is time to get secret ideas to achieve target revenue. I have listed some secret ideas below. All the secret ideas are equally important to get target revenue. Therefore do not ignore anyone ideas.

Learn Step By Step:
 1. Write quality content according to your niche:
To get more traffic and more revenue is depend on quality of content. Google always love research oriented, database and thematic article with 1500 words. Higher the quality of content and higher the number of words can get chances to get higher number of approval and higher digit of earning. Write at least 25-30 article before apply for Google AdSense account.

 2. Check out your grammar, spelling word phrase, layout, colors, pictures and numbers of words.

 3. Choose right key words, page description, Meta tag and title head.

 4. Create site map and submit it in Google webmaster tools and other search engines as per requirement.

 5. Your content must be AdSense oriented niche market. Otherwise you cannot get more ads and high pay advertisers. So that, there are so many AdSense friendly niche markets. Choose any one niche and write content according to your interest, knowledge and experience. Your content is very niche central around one topic. Do not kill your time in only one topic. Search many high pay topics and write.

 6. Do not cheat your audience. You have to always respect your visitors and say for visit again.

 8. Do not write controversial language, words, phrase, idioms etc. and do not write misleading guidance and tips. Always write fact things, researched base result and use data however available. Give certain example, experiment, story and testimonial.

 9. One thing is always remember before writing any article. You have to collect adequate information, materials, get data and depth study about what you are going to write. Sometime little knowledge can be dangerous. So that it is better to write after getting adequate knowledge over topics.

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