November 05, 2012

 Author: Googma Sansar

Do not confuse by reading the above headline of this article. I wrote above “900 promotional Adwords free coupons for 100 $ “. Why I wrote this headline? Because, One real story hidden behind this headline. Therefore today I would like to share the fact story behind Google Adwords free promotional code. Thousands of people have been searching about free promotional codes and Google search engine shows thousands of results about free Google Adwords codes. But no one get the fact answers. Because many website publishers and blog writers have been sharing misleading information of Google Adwords promotional codes and collecting Dollars by selling free codes. All these offensive activities are prohibited by Google Adwords laws but innocent people are being victim.
Two months ago I planned to promote my site by Google Adwords and I searched on Google search engine. I found one web publisher who assured me to provide promotional code worth 500 $ and I paid 30 $ for adwords code. Hut he didn’t send coupon code. At last I become victim from him and I lost my 30 $ because of misleading information about Google Adwords promotional codes.
Some cats are waiting to catch up the rats but if rats become clever than cats then rats cannot become victim. Thus friends beware from black cat who wear a white cap and persuading you for free gift. You may not know that free gift should be getting from authorized channels. The authorized channel of Google Adwords is itself Google.  So that why we are searching this question on others sites? All other channels may be black cats; we have to be aware from their misleading information.

How to get free Google Adwords promotional code worth 100$ :

Google Adwords offers free promotional code for every new Adwords account holders. All new account holders can get 100 $ coupon code for promotion of their site on Google. This is the free offers of every new Adwords members. If you want to get Google Adwords promotional code then you can create new account on Google Adwords and get free promotional code for worth 100 $. You can use this code for Google Pay per Click (PPC) advertisement. This is the legal way to get free code. If you get code from Google Adwords then you have 14 days to redeem, due to time lime. Otherwise your code will be automatically cancelled.

Beware from illegal ways:

You can get 100 $ promotional coupon from Google Adwords on legal way. You can create an account on Google adwords and get free coupon codes for the promotion of your site. Every new member gets this facility but this promotional coupon code you can use in one account and only one time. Do not try to use this code in multiple accounts then Google may ban your account and domain forever. Many people and web publisher have been selling Google Adwords coupons code in illegal ways. All these activities are against of Google Adwords policy. If Google Adwods find these activities then their account and domain will be ban forever.  No one can cheat the Google Adwords because all the system regulated by robots. So that robots can do faster than man and can easily detect any mistakes.
 If you are already member then what to do:

If you already have used promotional code, then you need to deposit required billing amount through you visa, Paypal or Master card. If you deposit 25 $ you will get free credit limit up to 75 $. So that you can get free promotional chances for worth 75 $ and your total promotion will be 100 $ including your deposit. This offer provided by Google Adwords on legally.
How to pay :

Ther are two ways for payment of Adwords billings. You can manually or automatically submit your billings. If you choose manual options then you need to deposit 25 $ to active your account. You can use your Paypal, Master card or Visa card for the payment process. If you choose automatic option then you will not need to pany andy deposit for it and you need to put your free promotional code on required section. You profile information must be correct.

Why Google Adwords is providing free promotional code:

You may ask why google Adwords is providing free promotional codes. This is the policy of google Adwords to attracting small advertiser by providing free advertisement opportunity. It will help to small advertiser to get organic traffic through free advertisement on Google Search Engine and they can involve in further Google Adwords campaign in future. This is the big opportunity for small advertiser to get organic traffic through Google. Many small advertisers has been adverting their product and services. Some adsense ads publishers have been converting their adsense money into Google Adwords. People who are working with Google Adsense, they can make more money through promoting their site in Google ads.

At last Google Adwords free promotional coupon are available for every new member. So that you have to create new account and after creating account you will get free promotional code. You must be using this code within 14 days. Otherwise this code will be automatically cancelled.

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