January 24, 2013

A home based business can be almost anything you want it to be. One of its great advantages is the flexibility of working hours and the choice of business available in everyday terms; a home based business means working for yourself, using your home as a workplace. It may be that you are working at home all day or are merely using your own telephone or internet to take your business calls or use website to promote to your business. While your work is carried out at your customer’s homes or premises.


There are so many different types of business to choose from that you should be able to find something appropriate to your skills and interest. A home based business will also be extremely flexible. Enabling you to work the hours you want. You can, therefore, fit in running your business with a full or part time job, caring for children or other dependent relatives and pursuing your hobbies. Thus a home-based business can be fulfilling complement to other element of your life.

You do, however, need to be determined flexible, hardworking and not want to be a millionaire, although this is a remote possibility! Working from home is not a soft option but it can be rewarding.


The main reasons people are attracted to running a business from home are that they will be working for themselves and people are using their innovative and constructive ideas to make money from their own home. Another attraction is working the hours they choose, so a home-based business can be run to fit in with other commitments.

There are also two financial advantages to working from home. Overheads (rent, heat, and light and so forth) are usually lower than for a business operating from commercial premises. This will improve your business’s chances of being competitive and profitable. In addition, there is comparatively low start-up cost for many such home based businesses.


Working for you is nearly always arduous. You need to be motivated and disciplined and there is, generally, no one to tale over if you are ill. As well as productive work and getting sales, you will find that there is a lot of administrative work to be done: invoicing, filing, accounting, dealing with government agencies such as the Inland Revenue, customs and excise and the DSS, will all be your responsibility. In addition, at least a small part of your home will have to be given over to the business and work will never seem far away. As with any business, there is the risk of failure.

Which business should I choose?

Choose a business that you like, find interesting and for which you have a necessary skills and aptitude. Be realistic. Do not be a cosmetic represented if you dislike perfume and are nervous about meeting people.

Once you have chosen a business or have a shortlist of options, you will need to do some research to establish whether the business is viable and financially suitable. It is not a good idea to resign your fulltime job only to discover, too late, that your home based business can only provide you with part time earning. 


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