February 25, 2013

Chitika is an online PPC (Pay Per Click) affiliation programs which is similar to Google AdSense. Chitika is one of the most popular online advertising media and conducting pay per click advertising programs. It is legitimate way to make money from online. There are more than 200,000 web publishers networking with 

Chitika and almost ads publishers have been getting satisfy from Chitika. It is also one of the best alternatives of Google AdSense and can work with Google AdSense and Chitika at the same time and same post. It means, Chitika also allow to publish Google AdSense ads on similar post.

Prominent features of Chitika:

1. Best alternative of Google AdSense.
2. It allows publishing Google AdSense ads on similar page.
3. It shows the relevant ads.
4. Different ads format.
5. Easy Payment system (minimum $ 10 through Paypal and $ 50 through Cheque)
6. Effective ads units.
7. Best for search engine result

How to make money form Chitika:

 There are several ways to make money form online affiliation programs but you have to be clear on the legitimacy of the affiliation programs. Talking about Chitika, it is a legitimate way to monetize your traffics and similar programs with Google AdSense. It is a free joining affiliation program. Website publishers and blogger can easily apply for approve the site and after review the site, will get chances to create ads and ads placement. You might be familiar with Google AdSense programs and it will be easy to know for AdSense ads publishers. Therefore you can make money from Chitika and AdSense at the similar way. One of the nice feature of Chitika is mode of payment is easy. You can get your monthly minimum revenue $10 through Paypal and $50 through Cheque. So that, you need not to wait long time to get your revenue. You will earn revenue. You will earn revenue on the basis of Pay Per Click: if your visitor click on your Chitika Ads then it will generate revenue and increase your Chitika account. 

How to Create Chitika Ads

It's simple way to create Chitika Ads and place to your post. You have to register an account in Chitika and after approval your site you need to login your Chitika account and click on Ads then go to Ads format (Channel) according to your page size and click on get code and place it on your post. 

You have to place ads at the right format and the right place. It helps to earn money money from Chitika. Basically place ads code after your post title and between your posts. Footer Ads also effective; most reader's eyes catch at the top, between and end. You can also place ads at right side bar, it is also effective to get more click.

How Does Chitika Works?

Chitika is one of the best alternatives of Google AdSense and also can work with both affiliation programs in single site. It is a PPC affiliation programs and when readers or visitors click on Chitika Ads then it will generate revenue and increase your Chitika account balance. It is not different with other PPC ads programs. When you generate Chitika Ads code and place it in to your post then you will see some ads and if any one visitor clicks on ads then it will generate revenue. It is simple work. You can make money while sleeping or travelling.

Chitika Ads Format:

There are many formats of ads in Chitik. You can use default ads or can create according to your choice but should use relevant ads to your post, which help to encourage clicking. There are three types of Ads: Text Ads, List Ads and Mobile Ads.

Text Ads: You can get different Text Ads format and choose right format Ads code. There are 25 different size Ads units can select according to your page size. You can also customize size, text color, and link colors. You can select minimum 3 and maximum 9 Ads per unit.

List Ads: it is another Ads type; you can customize the ads size according to your wish. You can customize width of the ads size and number of ads in your post. You can customize the color, size and number of ads. You can select minimum 1 ads and maximum 9 ads.

Mobile Ads: Chitika ads also mobile views friendly. The massive use of cell phone, many people use mobile phone for internet. Due to the Advancement of Smart phone, people are using it for internet surfing purpose. So that, Chitika enable the mobile ads also and you can also create mobile friendly ads.

You Must Read:

 How to create more money from Chitika:

Chitika is PPC model of affiliation programs and you should have more traffics to generate more money from Chitika. So that, you have to focus on traffics generating programs and get more click from prospective visitors. Chitika is more relevant for search engine result and it also show relevant ads to your post. when you boost your traffics then there will be high chances to get click and vice versa. Product and Service reviews sites, Game site, technology sites also get more benefits from Chitika. Therefore, your main concentrate on writing quality contents, promoting sites and getting prospective visitors to your sites. 

Use Chitika and Google AdSense in similar post:

You can work with Chitika and Google AdSense on same post. In other words, you can place Adsense and Chitika ads on same page. It will help to generate revenue from two ways. So that place Google Ads on same page and earn money from AdSense and Chitika at the same time. Google AdSense also allows placing Chitika Ads on same post. So that, you can use your Ads space by placing both PPC ads. Google AdSense is best online PPC programs and Chitika is best alternative of AdSense. When you are disapproved from Google AdSense then don’t worry, just join with Chitika and earn money from similar way.

How publishers are earning money from Chitika:

There are more than 200,000 global people earning money form Chitika, it is a wide Ads networking sites and many Ads publishers are earning more than $10000 per month. You can also join with Chitika and Earn money from its affiliation program. It is legitimate way to monetize traffics and upgrade your sites quality. The main features of this affiliation programs is minimum payout $10 per month. Many high profile sites working with chitika and Yahoo! also refer the Chitika. It is best alternative of Google AdSense.

In Conclusion, Chitika is the best alternative of Google AdSense among hundreds of online affiliation programs. Its features are quite nice and make more money from it. If you are looking right affiliation programs then it will be your right choice. You can work with Google AdSense and Chitika at the similar site and similar post. It is the good opportunity to use your page space by placing Chitika Ads and make more money from it. You need not to lose anything from it but you can win windfall gain. So that you can join now and starting to make money from Chitika. 


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